Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Paul Lichtenthal - December 10, 1900- my Maternal Grandfather

Normally, I would have a long, wordy post all prepared to go. Truth be told I do have a long, wordy post prepared.....too wordy! I really need to trim it down and determine a focus. Trust me, you'll appreciate that! So - in honor of my grandfather's 113th birthday, I am posting this series of portraits. Just looking at his face throughout the years will give you some insight into his life until I can get the article posted.

Happy Birthday, Pop-Pop Paul!!!

With his sister, Valerie - approx. 1908

Date Unknown - probably grade school age. Paul is at far right.

1915-1919 - High School

1919 - University Document
Date Unknown

Date unknown - Paul is standing in doorway on the right. Lital was the Lichtenthal family business
which was later expropriated by Hitler.

1930 - Vienna Driver License

1931 - Paul and wife, Rose

Approx. 1935 with daughter Doris

1937 - with Rose on holiday 
1939 Passport - Picture on left taken after release from Buchenwald.

1949 - Paul is the cellist in lower right corner.
1958 - in New Haven with grand-daughter, Jeanne


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